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CNC Glass Cutting Line (LISEC)

is connected with fully
mechanized glass loading system for achieving the most accurate (0.2mm Accuracy) and fastest cutting speed of 150 Sq. per Meter per hour which is the best in the
industries.Auto aligning and auto shape reader is means for the fastest production for even or at complex shaped orders.

Edge deletion system (patented)

Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Attachment for the soft coated glass sheets is unique and works in same cutting cycle which is again available only in Lisec Machine for making IGU is unique.

State of Art Horizontal Tempering Line (LANDGLASS)

is loaded with full Convection
furnace offering wide range of high performance glass (ST,ET, KT & SKN Series of SAINT GOBAIN) and other equivalent glasses producers like AIS and GUARDIAN. We use most energy efficient tempering technologies (30 Kw Blower for 10 to 19mm full tempered glass) with fully Automatic CNC controlled interface.

State of Art DGDS Insulating Glass Units (IGU) Line (WEILI)

Line (WEILI) is fully Automatic CNC controlled interface panels line for specially designed for more complexes and latest glazing panels up to 70 mm width. Our innovative IGU line capable to produced Double, Triple and Step glazing panels for complexes shapes and sizes.

Automatic Desiccant Machine

fills the Molecular Sieve (below
1mm Diameter) desired and accurate quantity to guarantee the panel performance and its

We have Latest Bendable Spacer Technology

to eliminate the Corner Keys which is an obstacle for long and dependable performance of DGDS panels.
We do not use keys as the Spacers and Bended at joints in shapes and sizes and only one straight key is use.

The Line is placed in Basement and within a sealed airconditioned enclosure to maintained the temperature and Humidity level for trapped air for best results even the inherent Gasses like Organ not used

Core competence of the company

  • Hard earned 18 years experience and R&D in Glass Processing facilitate us to have
  • Unique Processing Teqniques to produce world class Architectural Glass Products.
  • CNC Glass Cutting Line (LISEC) for accurate and fastest speed of 150 Sq. Meter per hour. Edge deletion system (Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Attachment) for soft coated glass sheets for making IGU is unique and works in same cutting cycle.
  • State of Art Horizontal Tempering Line (LANDGLASS) Full Convection furnace offering wide range of high performance glass (ST, ET, KT & SKN Series OF SAINT GOVAIN) with most energy efficient Tempering technologies (30 Kw for 10 to 19mm full tempered glass) fully Automatic CNC controlled interface.
  • State of Art DGDS Insulating Glass Units (IGU) (WEILI) fully Automatic CNC controlled interface panels line for Double, Triple and Step glazing. We have Latest Bendable
  • Spacer Technology (which needed no Corner Keys) with automatic fine desiccant sieves guarantee the long lasting performance for IGU unite for years.
  • Fully Mechanized Glass sheets unloading, storage, handling and loading system for efficient and flawless production in our unit.
  • Widely spread & deep rooted in domestic, Commercial & building Projects.
  • Widest range of quality products under one roof.
  • ISO:9001-2015 certified Quality Management System by TUV NORD

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