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Agarwal Toughened Glass India Pvt. Ltd is your leading source for the latest trend insights and design ideas, providing distinctive  styles that complement Tinted Glass, Float Glass, Laminated Glass, IG Unit Glass, Low E Glass, Toughened Glass.


Agarwal Toughened Glass are made better from the start, with complete supply chain control and higher quality components than similarly priced products. We ensure everything that carries the Agarwal Toughened Glass name lives up to our exacting standards for quality and  consistency .


All Glasses products go through an extensive testing and certification process for durability, wear, impact-resistance and overall performance, ensuring you get a quality product every time.


We strive to continually improve glass performance by engaging in full-scale R&D to discover new technologies and materials that lead to next-generation products.

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Tap into our local commitment and collective strength to achieve better performance, project after project.

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We carry a large variety of products to help you beautify and fortify.

Tinted Glass

Ordinary tinted glass is popular in climate control windows because it reduces heat gain and carbon emmissions, although it also marginally reduces visible light transmission. High Performance or Low-e tinted glass or spectrally selective tinted glass reduces solar heat

Float Glass

Is the most cost effective option because the features of this type of glass are rather basic. Float glass refers to a completely flat plane of clear glass. The term float is derived from the production method, and this type of glass is also often referred to as flat glass. Float glass used in bushfire rated windows Extra information

Laminated Glass

Is a sandwich made of one thin layer of plastic Poly Vinyl Butyral between two or more sheets of glass. The PVB sticks with the glass, forms chemical as well as mechanical bonds. When laminated with annealed glass, the layer maintains the geometric integrity of the pane in case of breakage.

IG Unit Glass

IGUnit or noise insulating eco Double Glazing is described as two or more lites of glass spaced apart and hermetically sealed to form a single glazed unit with an air gap between each lite. As the name suggests, the most important function of and IGU is to improve the thermal performance of glass when used in architectural applications.

Low E Glass

Low-e glass brings out the best that technology has to offer for improving views and comfortin your premium double glazed windows! A cool, metal oxide coating is applied to clear or tinted glass, so that the appearance and performance are the same regardless of glass thickness.

Toughened Glass

Also known as tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has increased strength and will usually shatter in small, square pieces when broken. It is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. At cyclone resistance popular home you are likely to find toughened glass in shower and sliding glass patio heat proof doors.


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Agarwal Toughened Glass India Pvt. Ltd.is a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 (1 of 1956) on 30/10/2009 by Shri Mahesh Kumar Agarwal and Shri Uma Shankar Agarwal having its registered office at F-2264,RIICO Industrial Area, Ramchandrapura, Sitapura(Ext.) Jaipur (Rajasthan, India).

Agarwal Toughened Glass India Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned group of Jaipur and is engaged in manufacturing of toughened Glass.

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